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  • What are the age requirements?
    There are no age limitations but there are waiting periods based on Age and Medical conditions.
  • Does this cover foreigners? Do they have to be legal, and have Visas or Green cards?
    There is no immigration status or Social Security number required.
  • Can I include my children or parents who live in another state?
    Yes, you can also include family members in other states & Latin American countries. The Funeral/ Cremation plans are for the US and Latin America.
  • Can I use this with any funeral home?
    Yes,” ONLY on the CONCIERGE PLAN” although to obtain the discounts NASER should propose and appoint the funeral home to perform the services. With the Funeral or Cremation Plans, it is only for in-network providers unless we cannot provide a network funeral home within 20 miles of your residence. Plan members should NEVER CONTACT a funeral home directly.
  • Can an undocumented person get buried here in the US, if that's what they choose?
    Yes, they will need to buy their plot.
  • Does it require a bank account, or can I use a credit card?
    It can be billed to a credit card or debit card.
  • If one person dies, can another person be added on?
    No, the plan is only for the members already enrolled.
  • When does the membership expire?
    Every plan is a month-to-month program, as long as you make your payments it never expires.
  • One event per family or as many events as the plan covers?
    It will cover all the members as they pass away. As long as the holder or a plan member continues renewing, all surviving members maintain their benefits.
  • Can I sign my parents up without them signing off on it?
    Yes, they are not required to sign anything, the "holder" enrolls the beneficiaries.
  • What happens to the rest of the group if someone dies?
    Nothing, they remain protected as long as they keep paying and renewing their plan.
  • Does it cover grandchildren or only if the grandparent is the legal custodian?
    Grandchildren and grandparents are eligible to be on the plan.
  • Do you have to be married on these plans?
    It is not required to be married, domestic partners and same-sex partners are eligible.
  • What information or documents does the member receive?
    Members receive a digital package after enrollment, containing a welcome letter, Terms and Conditions, and a preprinted membership card.
  • If someone on the plan dies what should they do?
    First call the authorities if needed, then call the 800 # on the card.
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