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  1. This is NOT an insurance policy.

  2. This is NOT a Pre-Need Plan.

  3. This is a MEMBERSHIP based cremation plan, that covers 1 member per plan..

  4. The holder and/or family members will not be able to choose the funeral home under any circumstances. Sequoia & Naser are committed to provide the funeral services with its network of funeral service providers. NASER's F.A.S.T. TEAM will evaluate the case and initiate the right protocol to provide the guarantee service in the agreement.

  5. Please DO NOT go to a funeral home prior to loss and attempt to pre plan, this is against our policy.

  6.  The Sequoia Funeral Concierge is built into this plan to help the family at the time of loss. It is an advocate service to help make the arrangements, transportation of remains, ect and  relieve as much burden off the family as possible, based on the families needs. It is a free service.

  7. The plans have a flat monthly cost.

  8.  Depending on your age, you will have either a 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, or if terminally ill 18 months waiting period for your plan to be 100% activated. The countdown starts at the time your first payment is processed. There is no waiting period for accidental death. There is no waiting period on the Sequoia Funeral Concierge service.

  9. VERY IMPORTANT!!!! At the time of loss, we should be the first call you make for assistance. Please DO NOT call a funeral home, morgue, etc., it can void your plan with us. If these facilities have your remains, it makes it very difficult for us to help you, as you are on their invoice.

  10. Applicants DO NOT qualify for the Sequoia Funeral Plans if they are currently incarcerated.


Discount Monthly Cost:


1 Person $19.99
2 People $28.99
3 People $40.99
4 People $52.99
5 People $64.99


$19.99 per month per person

**Sequoia Funeral Concierge Included (funeral service in the US & Latin America)

  • Nationwide Emergency Helpline (24/7)

  • Legal procedures & formalities

  • Body Retrieval (home, morgue, hospital, or airport)

  • Transfer to crematory

  • Viewing NOT included

  • Direct cremation service

  • Urn for ashes (basic)

  • Digital Obituary

  • Memorial Service (up to 2 hours)

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